"De Weijsberg" in Zwartsluis, for a holiday on the middle of nature.

"The Weijsberg" in N.W. Overijssel is a well-known territory for watersporters as tourists and hollidaymakers have recently discovered.
A wealth of unspoiled nature lies between the different villages in the "Waterland", which is best explored by bicycle, walking, canoe or boat. The origins of the wild country

Even by European standards the "Weerribben" and the "Wieden" (the Wetlands) are some of the most beautiful nature areas in Europe. That is internationally known. But still human hands formed most of it. Franciscan monks made blocks of mudturf for fuel. Afterwards a landscape of canals, waterways, lakes and morass was left, with its twelve "Wieden". (Small lakes resulting from flooding)

Afbeelding invoegen

A holiday in Zwartsluis is an active holiday.

In Overijssel the car must be discarded as soon as possible. It is an active countryside for those who want to explore the territory on water or by bycicle, over paths and lanes, or you can swim in fresh water, in the local swimming pool and then enjoy a light refreshment at one of the local pubs.

Many trips can be made from Zwartsluis: e.g. the Zoo in Emmen, the Traffic park in Assen, the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, beautiful Orvelte in Drente, the Planetron in Dwingelo, the Observatory in Westerbork, the Toytown Oranje, the Batavia in Lelystad, the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen, the Hunnebedden (megalithic tombs) in Havelte, Walibi Flevo, Ponypark in Slagharen, the Hanseatic League towns of Zwolle and Kampen, the Thursday Meppeldays with life music, the flower corso’s in St.Jansklooster and Vollenhove and the gondola trips in Giethoorn, Dwarsgracht and Beltschutsloot.

In winter Zwartsluis is perfect for skating on miles of natural ice.